"Upscale" is an appropriate term for the Black Cat restaurant. This spot has a touch of "class" that was seen in several places. As Tom put it, "There is no Formica in this place! The tables are solid wood with a highly polished finish that is partially covered by dark green place mats. The heavy Reed and Barton flatware is complemented by the attractively styled glassware. The all white luncheon plates are oversized, as are the salad bowls. The tables are adorned with a vase containing a single silk rose and some eucalyptus leaves. The restaurant has a nautical as well as a cat theme. There are oars and pictures of ships on the walls, as well as pictures of cats dressed as kings. We sat below a portrait named, "Cousin Henry", a picture of a cat dressed as Henry VIII. This is not a large establishment although it has several booths and quite a few tables with Windsor style chairs. There is a bar area that has a few additional tables. The back of the seats in the booths are high and have a material covering them. This is another nice touch. The menu states that the restaurant's "goal is to offer the finest selection and quality for even the finickiest eater." That line made us feel like we were Persians that were about to be served Fancy Feast!




165 Ocean Street, Hyannis, MA


May 5, 2001






Four Onion Soup ($4.95/bowl) Excellent - Obviously homemade and devoid of the usual beef stock flavor


Grilled Prime Rib Sandwich ($12.95) Excellent - Served with caramelized onions and a mild horseradish sauce on French bread. Presented attractively with Boston lettuce, red onion and tomato on the side. Excellent crispy, flavorful French fries. A luncheon special of the day.

Calamari Caesar Salad ($9.95) Very Good - A large bowl with plenty of calamari on top of the lettuce. We felt that the calamari were not crispy enough. A luncheon special of the day.



Dress at lunch is very casual

Parking in lot in back of restaurant

Too much ice is served in the soft drinks

Expect a wait for dinner on a busy summer night

A restaurant where you could take anyone from friends to family to clients

Clean and well run

Wait staff is very pleasant



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