We are conflicted about what to say about this restaurant. Our first impression was a good one. As we walked through the door there was a display showing the types of beer available. Since we always enjoy variety in beer offerings, this was a good omen. Seated in our booth in the somewhat minimalist dining room we felt comfortable amid the Indian art on the white walls and the overall design of the restaurant. Two small carnations that lacked stems were stuffed into a small vase on the table. It was an attempt at a nice touch that didn't make it. Wendy has an aversion to plastic water glasses at places other than fast food chains, so she was immediately displeased when she saw them on the table. The wait staff here needs to be a bit more cordial. All the people we came in contact with were expressionless. A smile from any one of them would have gone a long way.

We particularly liked the fact that the buffet was in its own glassed in room. The table was well tended and spills were cleaned up hastily and food was replenished quickly. The first part of the buffet was traditional salad materials. The lettuce was finely shredded and did not look appetizing although there was nothing wrong with it. The dressings at the end of the salad items should have been marked to identify them. We took a small bit of all the nicely labeled Indian offerings and found almost all of them to be cold. Cold fried foods are particularly unappetizing! We mentioned this to our waiter and he relayed the message to the kitchen. Soon the heat on the steam table was increased and dishes hot from the kitchen replaced lukewarm ones on the table. Our second pass through the buffet was much more satisfactory. The food was quite good but not impressive. Just when we were thinking that it was a bit ordinary, we realized that the buffet only cost $7.95. For that price the meal was a great deal. There was a nice variety of items and diners could return to the buffet table as many times as desired. Since it was a buffet, we could choose the items that matched our tastes the best and avoid items that we didn't care for. Wendy is not interested in highly spicy foods and the selections had just the right amount of seasoning for her. So what can you say about a restaurant with pretty good food that only costs $7.95? We think you can say that it is a terrific bargain!

You can visit their web page at: http://www.newmotherindia.com




336 Moody street, Waltham, MA


August 2007







Cup of Coconut Soup (pretty good, a little thin perhaps) - Included in price of buffet

Cup of Lentil Soup - pretty good. Included in price of buffet


Tandoori Chicken - Dry and fatty
Chicken Pakora - Still lukewarm so not good
Acabari Chicken - Excellent
Beef Curry - Very Good. Beef could have been a little more tender
Baingan Bhartha - Excellent
Dal Makhi - Wendy really liked it
Aloo Nan - Very nice
Rice - Ordinary
A variety of sauces that were all very nice. The Tamarind Sauce was the only disappointment because it didn't have enough flavor.



On street Parking or in several nearby metered parking lots

Although small amounts of food were splattered on the wall next to us, this place is very clean.

Lunch Buffet from 11:45 AM - 3:00PM Tuesday through Friday
Closed on Monday
Sunday 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
Tuesday - Saturday 11:45 AM through 10:00 PM

Catering available including weddings


B+ for food (this is buffet food so maybe this rating is not as accurate as it could be)
A for value for the money

We will try the buffet at Little India and see which one we like better before deciding to return here.

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