The porch at this restaurant is a perfect spot to sit and watch the boats come and go. In fact, the view is the best part of the place! We thoroughly enjoyed the lovely scenery and the peacefulness of this eatery, but were underwhelmed with the food. The outside dining area is up a steep set of stairs and has the usual porch furniture, plastic tables and chairs. It appears that part of the outside dining room has side panels that can be lowered in inclement weather. Salads are served in plastic "take-out" type boxes while hot meals are served on plates. Looking out across the nearby jetty and watching the boats sail or motor out of the inlet was well worth the experience so the food really didn't detract from our time too much. The young wait staff was exceptionally accommodating and pleasant.



7 Tuna Wharf, Rockport, MA


July 2004







Mussels ($10.00) Very Good - a plentiful plate of nicely done mussels. They were small and tasty and were complimented by a nice butter to dip them in.


Tuna Fish Salad ($7.00) Poor - Served in a plastic container with plenty of crisp lettuce, unripe tomato and a few slices of cucumber. It is hard to say exactly what was wrong with the dish, it just wasn't good. The tuna was tasteless and cut into tiny pieces and perhaps needed some mayonnaise to bind it together.

Fried Fish Sandwich with a bag of chips ($8.00) Poor - The fish was totally cold and tasted like it had been precooked, then warmed up and allowed to get cold again. Tom described it as "medium pathetic." The quality of the fish was fine, but the presentation was not.

Lobster Roll and a bag of chips ($15.00) Pretty Good - Served in an uninspired hot dog roll. The meat was a bit tough, but not bad. The portion size was not great for the price.



Very little or no parking during the summer months

Dress is casual

Inside dining available


In spite of the very mediocre food, we would eat here again! It is such a pleasant spot that we will just choose something different from the menu. We hear that the corn chowder is really good so that might be a better choice. After all, it isn't called a chowder house for nothing! The menu includes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, maybe we will order that too.

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