Our Birmans
Nikki Terri Tobi All 3 Cats

Here are our two boys when they were only a few days old. Terri (T-Cin's YMMI Terri) is on the outside left and Tobi (T-Cin's YMMI Tobi) is on the outside right.
The other two kittens are  Buffy (T-Cin's Buffy) and Sunshine (T-Cin's You Are My Sunshine).

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The ideal Birman is a large, long stocky cat. It has long silky hair, not as thick as that of the Persian, and is of a texture that doesn’t mat. The color of the coat is light, preferably with a golden cast, as if misted with gold. The “points” - face, legs and tail - are darker, similar to the Siamese and colorpointed Persian color patterns of seal point, blue point, chocolate point and lilac point. The almost round eyes are blue, set in a strong face with heavy jaws, full chin and Roman nose with nostrils set low.

The very distinctive white feet are ideally symmetrical. The gloves on the front feet, if perfect, go across in an even line, and on the back feet end in a point up the back of the leg, called laces. It is very difficult to breed a cat with four perfect white gloves.