Haiku and Poem by Thomas H Birchmire III

Whales 1


Childhood Dreams

Whales consume small fish
herded by silver bubbles
in the ancient way.

On a cool green pond
little water beetle
floats awaiting prey.

Once upon a time
long ago and far away
live our childhood dreams

Star Fleet

Tiny Fish

Shadow Walking

Star Fleet protects us
from nasty alien beings,
zapping every one.

Tiny fish hidden
beneath the angry green waves
never feel north winds.

Walking my shadow
among slippery grey rocks
growing dark green moss.



Ancient Flyts


Reflections through these eyes I see

are but shadows of a memory

from long ago ... ... ... long ago.

Long ago from some forgotten yesterday

returns the deeds of folly

to haunt hidden dreams

fly far away ... ... ... fly away

Fly far away to good times and bad

see the bottom of the world

escape to anonymity fly free

reflect ... ... ... reflections